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CHS School Policies

Filename Size Date
A3 Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Policy-2017.pdf 241.5KB 27/08/2020
A1 Admissions Policy Aug 2021.pdf 262.3KB 05/08/2021
A1a Castle House School Attendance Policy Aug 2021.pdf 221.0KB 05/08/2021
A4 Promoting Good Behaviour including Rewards and Sanctio... 203.7KB 05/08/2021
A6ii. Lost Children and Uncollected Policy Aug 2021.pdf 422.0KB 05/08/2021
A6iii. Pupil Supervision Policy Aug 2021.pdf 219.1KB 05/08/2021
A6viii Castle House Safer Recruitment Policy Aug 2021.pdf 494.1KB 05/08/2021
A9-10i Risk Assessment Policy Aug 2021.pdf 131.3KB 05/08/2021
A6xii E Safety Policy Aug 2021.pdf 583.2KB 05/08/2021
A11 Fire risk protection policy Aug 2021.pdf 161.3KB 05/08/2021
A15 Equal Opportunities Policy Aug 2021.pdf 253.5KB 05/08/2021
A15 iii Reasonable Adjustments Policy Aug 2021.pdf 365.0KB 05/08/2021
A9-10a Trips & Events Risk assessment form Aug 2021.pdf 184.0KB 05/08/2021
B2 Uniform policy Aug 2021.pdf 178.2KB 05/08/2021
Updated Policy & Procedures for Covid-19 August 2021.pdf 296.3KB 05/08/2021
A9-10 Health and Safety incl Visits Aug 2021.pdf 217.4KB 05/08/2021
A7 First Aid Policy Aug 2021.pdf 218.0KB 05/08/2021
A8. Anti Bullying Policy Aug 2021.pdf 187.0KB 05/08/2021
RSE POLICY & CURRICULUM Aug 2021.pdf 172.3KB 05/08/2021
A14 Complaints Procedure Aug 2021.pdf 115.7KB 05/08/2021
Policy & Procedure for managing allegations against staff... 259.6KB 05/08/2021
A15 ii Disability Accessibility Plan Aug 2021.pdf 113.5KB 05/08/2021
Guidance & procedures - remote education Aug 2021.pdf 352.2KB 05/08/2021
A15 i Disability Equality Policy Aug 2021.pdf 258.6KB 05/08/2021
A6 Child Protection Policy Sept 2021.pdf 986.1KB 03/09/2021
A6xiii - Peer on Peer Abuse Policy Sept 2021.pdf 192.3KB 03/09/2021
Policy list & Updates Aug 2022.pdf 93.9KB 07/09/2021
A6vii. Mental Health Policy Aug 2021.pdf 200.4KB 07/09/2021
B3 Reasonable Force -Physical restraint policy Sept 2021.pdf 103.9KB 07/09/2021
N1 Nursery Specific Policies Aug 2021.pdf 193.0KB 14/09/2021