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  • Open Week Monday 11th February to Friday 15th February 2019

CHS School Policies

Filename Size Date
A1 Admissions Policy.pdf 521.1KB 18/06/2018
A14 Complaints Procedure.pdf 191.7KB 18/06/2018
A15 Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf 532.3KB 18/06/2018
A15 i Disability Equality Policy.pdf 423.8KB 18/06/2018
A15 ii Disability Acessibility Plan 2017.pdf 185.1KB 18/06/2018
A15 iii Reasonable Adjustments Policy.pdf 347.5KB 18/06/2018
A18 Crisis Management updated.pdf 66.0KB 18/06/2018
A1a Castle House School Attendance Policy (003).pdf 379.2KB 18/06/2018
A2 CASTLE HOUSE SEN POLICY.pdf 360.0KB 18/06/2018
A2i. CASTLE HOUSE Gifted and Talented Policy docx_.pdf 389.5KB 18/06/2018
A2ii CASTLE HOUSE INCLUSION POLICY final 2017 docx.pdf 383.5KB 18/06/2018
A2iii English as an Additional Language Policy.pdf 314.3KB 18/06/2018
A3-Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Policy-2017.pdf 442.6KB 18/06/2018
A4.Promoting Good Behaviour including Rewards and Sanctio... 411.2KB 18/06/2018
A5. PSHE and SMSC Policy .pdf 386.2KB 18/06/2018
A6. Safeguarding Child Protection Policy.pdf 1.0MB 05/12/2018
A6i. EYFS Child Protection Additional Guidance.pdf 462.1KB 18/06/2018
A6ii. Lost Children and Uncollected Policy.pdf 365.8KB 18/06/2018
A6iii. Pupil Supervision Policy docx_.pdf 450.1KB 18/06/2018
A6iv. Working Alone with Children Policy docx.pdf 350.4KB 18/06/2018
A6v Children in Care Policy docx_.pdf 491.7KB 18/06/2018
A6vi. Confidentiality and Information Sharing Policy.pdf 734.2KB 18/06/2018
A6vii. Mental Health Policy docx.pdf 532.9KB 18/06/2018
A6viii Castle House Safer Recruitment Policy.pdf 464.7KB 31/01/2019
A6viv.Staff Code of Conduct Policy docx.pdf 857.9KB 18/06/2018
A6x. Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy Octob... 779.0KB 18/06/2018
A8. Anti Bullying Policy Sept2017.pdf 143.5KB 18/06/2018
E Safety 1 Overview & appendix.pdf 823.0KB 18/06/2018